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Carlos Diaz

January 14th, 2009 Colin No comments

Colin here –’s humble and nerdy internets wrangler.  Steve and I have long been friends and we’ve always wanted to get Steve online with GTS.  This past month, we did exactly that and we’re getting more and more hits every day.

Steve deserves a lot of credit for his dedication and putting it all together.  The problem is, he doesn’t pay me at all! Here I am sweating over a hot laptop, ‘infomationing the internets’ for free! A deal was made – I’ll be posting on all things digital.carlosphoto

To tie in the performing arts and my love for video games, I interviewed Carlos Diaz about his experience voice acting for various projects, one being the popular Far Cry 2 shooter.  I hope you know Carlos as Looch on Showcase’s Rent-A-Goalie.

Carlos’s response are in bold – please don’t forget to check him out at, you can also keep tabs on him over Facebook by joining his group. He’s currently just started filming of a local independent film called Saturday which I’ll writing more about soon!

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