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Weekly Update 291 (Oct. 16th – Oct. 23rd, 2009)

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In Music,

All ages music series ALL CAPS and Wavelength collaborate on a fundraiser for Toronto Islands arts studio Gibraltar Arts Gallery, with heavy hitters on the Saturday all day on the island showcase like Brain Borchedt (Holy Fuck), Great Bloomers, and We Take Lovers. Later that night, back on the mainland, are second night shows by both Cuff the Duke and Shout Out Out Out Out, as well as a set by the Phonemes at the Tranzac Club.

Sunday evening, veteran Japanese gal rock n’ rollers Shonen Knife play the ‘Shoe; Monday, there’s a probably-impossible-to-get-into show by Sloan at the Dakota Tavern; and there’s new album releases by Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle on Thursday (also at the Dakota), and Everything All the Time on Friday at the Drake, in association with ace concert series No Shame.

(Kidstreet play the Robots //// Us dance party this Thursday at Wrongbar, with headliners OPOPO. For Film, Comedy, Theatre, and the week’s picks, you know what to do – click that “more” link…)

In Film,

Toronto’s niche festival season continues, with specialized fare from The Moving Image Film Festival, Imaginative Film and Media Festival, The Snowboard Canada Film Festival, the Macedonian Film Fest, Planet in Focus, Toronto Israel Film Festival, and the Est(onian)Docs Film Festival (really?), all taking place over the next weekend and beyond. The one that really sticks out and seems to promise inordinate amounts of sleazy fun, though, is Darryl’s Hard Liquor and Porn Festival on Saturday night at the Bloor Cinema. The program contains animation, shorts, and a topless food fight film (go ahead, use your imagination).

The Bloor Cinema is also playing host on Monday to a mis-matched pairing of two of the Coen Brother’s finer films, dramatic gangster period piece “Miller’s Crossing“, and trippy stoner comedy “The Big Lebowski“, in order to capitalize on the release of their new film that’s garnering stellar reviews, “A Serious Man“. Also opening this wekend is auteur Spike Jones‘ eagerly awaited adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are“, and comedian Chris Rock’s documentary about the black hair care industry, “Good Hair“.

In Comedy,

The new cast of Ghost Jail Theatre debuts this Sunday at Clinton's in their Season 3 opener.

The new cast of Ghost Jail Theatre debuts this Sunday at Clinton's in their Season 3 opener. From left to right:Kayla Lorette, Tim Daugulis, Jess Grant, Oliver Georgiou, Andrea Del Campo, Stephanie Kaliner, and Robbie Beniuk.

Theatrical improv company Ghost Jail Theatre relaunches its third season this Sunday, with 5 new members; youthful (but comedically experienced) GJ “vets” Tim Daugulis and Kayla Lorette anchor the new line-up. I’m sure glad to see Ghost Jail’s clever brand of long-form improv returning, though it means Sundays are once again one of the most jammed nights for comedy in Toronto, what with Laugh Sabbath (this week featuring “The Loner Show“, next week, special guest performer Paul F. Tompkins) and Sunday Night Live continuing to pump out quality sketch work (Bi-monthly Sunday improv interview show “Monkey Toast” creator David Shore has also launched a “Panel Show” format on Mondays at Comedy Bar).

There’s a number of shows this week that also skirt the line between theatre and comedy, like the variety showcase Lunacy Cabaret on Saturday night, and alternative lecture series Trampoline Hall (in its first edition at The Garrison) and “Awkward Show and Tell” (returning to the Victory Cafe); stand-up comic Deborah Digiovanni, recently crowned as Canada’s Best Female Comic” by the Canadian Comedy Awards, has a two night stand uptown at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, with openers Laurie Elliott, and Lupe(character actor Melissa D’Agostino’s fiery archetype alter ego); and sketch duo Punch Drysdale (Norm Souza and Cole Osbourne) have a two set special next Friday at Comedy Bar, the first set of which will be done tee-totalling, the second with a serious drink-on (these guys suffer for their art, make no mistake).

In Theatre,

The boys of "BASH'd" (Chris Craddock & Nathan Cuckow) are back in town, at Theatre Passe Muraille; Next Friday night, Craddock will be joining Impromptu Splendor in an homage to Brad Fraser (whose latest, "True Love Lies", is up the street at the Factory Theatre).

The boys of "BASH'd" (Chris Craddock & Nathan Cuckow) are back in town, at Theatre Passe Muraille. After his show next Friday, Craddock will guest with Impromptu Splendor, in a tribute to Brad Fraser (whose latest, "True Love Lies", is down the street at Factory Theatre).

It’s your last chance this Saturday to catch several independent theatre works; two of them, Falen Johnson’s”Salt Baby“, and Daniel Karasik’s “The Crossing Guard“, are wrapping up their premiere runs (Theatre Garguantua’s remount of their 2008 multi-disciplinary show, “Fibber“, also wraps up this weekend).

Another remount, “BASH’D“, the “gay hip-hop opera”, re-opened this past week at Theatre Passe Muraille; after spending quite a bit of time running off-Broadway and elsewhere, the phenomenally popular Fringe hit returns to Toronto freshly man-handled (fun fact: Toronto was just picked as the host of World Pride 2014!)

Also continuing right now are Soulpepper’s “The Guardsman“, and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?“, which has been extended (“Antigone” wraps this weekend, however); Brad Fraser’s swiftly-paced relationship comedy, “True Love Lies“, is still running at Factory Theatre, as is the recession clown piece “Spent“; and the nerdcore comedy “Godzilla on Sundays” continues at Bread and Circus.

Bread and Circus is also playing host next weekend to performances associated with the FOOL (Festival of Oral Literature) festival, curated in part by Red Letter writer Lisa Pijuan-Nomura; the fest also plays from Thursday onwards at several residential venues and the Artscape Wychwood Barn, and features local performance artists like Chris Gibbs, Evalyn Parry, and Ginette Mohr.

Other one-night or short run shows include Sunday’s Thistle Project theatre fundraiser with Impromptu Splendor, a free matinee “behind the scenes” with Peggy Baker Dance Projects (also Sunday at TPM), a reading of “Uncle Vanya” by ARC at Tarragon on Wednesday, and “Yoga Cannibal“, a “playful and cutting look at the consumption of culture in the quest for spiritual fulfillment”.

Finally, pay no attention whatsoever to the sloppily written and unimaginative review by Richard Ouzounian, whose knowledge of recent and innovative  Toronto theatre is woefully incomplete; Theatrefront’s “The Mill“, as a series, is a fascinating examination of horror genres and Canadian identity over its four parts. I saw Parts 2-4 in workshop last fall; Part 1, “We Are Brody“, and Part 2, “The Huron Bride“, run in rep until next Saturday at the Young Centre, and boast a talented cast, a superb and atmospheric set, and two celebrated Canadian playwrights, one of whom, Hannah Moscovitch, was just nominated for a Governor-General’s Award.

Man, this photo freaks me out; a Preacher (Ryan Hollyman) is unaware of the presence (Holly Lewis) creeping down towards him in "The Mill, Part 1: Now We Are Brody".

Man, this photo freaks me out; a preacher (Ryan Hollyman) is unaware of what's creeping down towards him (that'd be Holly Lewis) in Theatrefront's "The Mill, Part 1: Now We Are Brody".

Steve’s Weekly Picks for Oct. 16th – Oct. 23rd, 2009:

FRIDAY Oct. 16th:  Two Hours Traffic in-store performance, @ Soundscapes, 5pm, FREE        / Dan Mangan in-store performance, @ Criminal Records, 6pm, FREE      / Spiral Beach in-store performance, @ Sonic Boom, 7 pm, FREE      / Salt Baby“, w/ James Cade, Paula Jean Prudat, Micheala Washburn, more, @ Theatre Passe Muraille, 8pm, PWYC /       Cuff the Duke, w/ Srata, Boys Who Say No, @ The Horseshoe Tavern, 9pm, $12.50       /        The Diableros EP release, w/ Planet Creature, DJs Shandy & Andy, more, @ The Boat, 10pm, $5      / Crapshoot!“, w/ Laura Burns, David Ackerman, Chloe Whitehorn, hosts The Elephants, more, @ Theatre Passe Muraille,  10pm, $1-$6        / Shout Out Out Out Out, w/ TMDP, @ Wrongbar, 10pm, $18.50 /       Spandex Effect, w/ Maylee & Pegwee Power, Circle Research, more, @ Supermarket, 10:30pm, $5-$8

Paula Jean Prudat stars as a woman who questions her First Nation ancestry due to her fair skin in Falen Johnston's playwrighting debut, "Salt Baby".

Paula Jean Prudat stars as a woman who questions her First Nation roots due to her fair skin in Falen Johnston's playwrighting debut, "Salt Baby"; it wraps up this Saturday at Theatre Passe Muraille.

SATURDAY Oct. 17th Aft.: Four at the Winch” closing day, w/ Simone Orlando, Josh Beamer, Natasha Torres-Garner, Robert Kingsbury, @ The Winchester Theastre, 2pm, PWYC      /      “The Crossing Guard” closing day, w/Gary Reineke, Monica Dottor, & Daniel Karasik, @ Tarragon Theatre (Upstairs Studio), 2:30pm, $10-$15       /       ALL CAPS! Island Show, w/ Brain Borchedt, Great Bloomers, We Take Lovers, more, @ Gibraltar Arts Gallery (Ward’s Island), 3pm-10pm, PWYC

SATURDAY Oct. 17th Eve: Moving Image Film Festival: “The Devil’s Tail“, @ The Annex Live (296 Brunswick Ave.) , 1pm, $10       / Fibber” closing show, w/ Madeleine Donahue, Michael Spence, Kat Sandler, more, @ The Theatre Centre, 8pm, $22 / 7 Minutes in Heaven Present… Harvest Fair!“, w/ Inessa Frantowski, Garett Jaimison, Shefi Archer, more, @ Comedy bar, 8pm, $10         /Lunacy Cabaret“, @ The Centre of gravity, 8:30pm, $12-$15        /       “Darryl’s Hard Liquor and Porn Festival“, @ The Bloor Cinema, 9:30pm, $20 /     The Phonemes, w/ Lisa Bozikovic, Liz Forsberg, @ The Tranzac Club, 10 pm, PWYC      /  Shout Out Out Out Out, w/ TMDP, @ Wrongbar, 10pm, $18.50

SUNDAY Oct. 18h Aft.:Spent“, w/ Ravi Jain, Adam Paolozza, @ The Factory Theatre, 2:30pm, PWYC         /     “Inside The Art”, w/ Peggy Baker Dance Projects, @ Theatre Passe Muraille, 4pm, FREE

SUNDAY Oct. 18th Eve: Ghost Jail Theatre” Season 3 opener, w/ Tim Daugulis, Kayla Lorette, Scott Montgomery, more, @ Clinton’s, 7:30pm, $5-$6      /      “Impromptu SplendorThistle Project fundraiser, w/ Naomi Matt Baram, Naomi Snickus, Ron Pederson, host Christine Horne, more, @ Theatre Passe Muraille, 8pm, $25      /        Shonen Knife, w/ Modern Superstitions, @ The Horseshoe Tavern, 10pm, $15.50

MONDAY Oct. 19th: Coen Brothers x 2: “Miller’s Crossing” (7pm) & “The Big Lebowski” (9:20pm), @ The Bloor Cinema, $6       / The Turn of the Screw”, w/ Christine Horne & Clinton Walker, @ Campbell House (160 Queen St. W.) , 8:30pm, $15         /       Sloan & Friends, @ The Dakota Tavern, 8 pm, $30 (obviously, you should line-up RIDICULOUSLY early)       /      “The Panel Show“, w/ Paul Constable, Km Parlee, Brian Froud, host David Shore, and more, @ Comedy Bar, 9pm, $5

Everything All the Time release their new self-titled EP "in concert" with No Shame this Friday at the Drake Hotel Underground (photo by Laurie Kang).

Everything All the Time release their new self-titled EP "in concert" with No Shame this Friday at the Drake Hotel Underground (photo by Laurie Kang).

TUESDAY Oct. 20th: Dead Man’s Bones, w/ Mysterion The Mind Reader,  @ The Opera House, 7pm, $15 (ALL AGES)      /       “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, w/ Diana Donnelly, Diego Matamoros, Nancy Palk, more, @ The Young Centre, 7:30pm, $       / Awkward Show and Tell: Ex Friends and Roomates“, w/ host Danny Shapiro, @ The Victory Cafe, 8:30pm, FREE

WEDNESDAY Oct. 21st: ARC Theatre Presents “Uncle Vanya” reading, w/ Aviva Aromour-Ostroff, David Ferry, Janet Porter, more, @ Tarragon Theatre (Upstairs), 7:30pm, PWYC / The Mill, Part 2: The Huron Bride“, w/ Maev Beaty, Richard Greenblatt, Michelle Montieth, more, @ The Young Centre (Tank House Theatre), 8pm, $20-$35 (rush tickets $5 for students/ arts workers) /      Deborah Digiovanni, w/ Laurie Elliott, host Ron Fromstein, more, @ The Tor0nto Centre for the Arts (Studio Theatre), 8pm, $15      /       Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle CD release, @ The Dakota Tavern, 10pm, $15(?)

THURSDAY Oct. 22nd:Fool in the House“, w/ Lillian Allen, Calogero (Charly) Chiarelli, & Ginette Mohr, @ Arlington St. (must reserve via info@girlcancreate.com for address), 7:30pm, PWYC     / The Mill, Part 1: Now We Are Brody“, w/ Maev Beaty, Richard Greenblatt, Michelle Montieth, more, @ The Young Centre (Tank House Theatre), 8pm, $20-$35 (rush tickets $5 for students/ arts workers)     /     The Ravonettes, w/ The Black Angels @ Phoenix, $18.50     / Robots //// Us, w/ OPOPO, Kidstreet, Adolf Glitter, more, @ Wrongbar, 10pm, $7 or PWYC

FRIDAY Oct. 23rd:Punch Drysdale Presents… The Jekyl & Hyde Show!“, w/ Pat Thornton, Sarah Hillier, Andy Hull, more, @ Comedy Bar, 7pm, $5 (ALSO 10:30pm set) /      No Shame Presents… Everything All The Time EP Release, w/Whale Tooth, Mike Duguay, @ The Drake Hotel Underground, 8 pm, $7 /       Hysteria Festival: “Gaggle“, w/ Caitlin Morris-Cornfield, Julia Sweetland, Sigrid Velis, more, @ Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 9pm, $15 (for festival evening)        /       John Tielli & Magali Meagher (Phonemes), @ The Holy Oak Cafe, 10pm, PWYC        /     “Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of  Splendour“, w/ Naomi Snieckus, Matt Baram, Ron Pederson, special guest Chris Craddock, @ Theatre Passe Muraille (Upstairs), 10:30pm, $10

Fine Print:

- All prices listed are advance ticket prices (where applicable). With many of these shows, especially music and theatre, if you show up at the door, you run the risk of being turned away due to a sell out.

- All times are start times, NOT door times. If you show up after the posted time, the show will likely already be underway.

- I typically cap the listed performers at three mentioned per show. The bill of bands / acts / performers is often much larger (particularly for comedy and theatre).

- Theatre and Comedy events are ALL AGES, unless otherwise noted. Music events are 19+, unless otherwise noted (FREE in-store and outdoor performances are ALL AGES, due to the lack of alcohol service).

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  1. October 19th, 2009 at 01:20 | #1

    The Sloan show had advance tickets which are now sold out. I kinda doubt there will be any tix at the door, though I could be wrong!

  2. October 19th, 2009 at 01:31 | #2

    That’s what I figured.

    For a band of Sloan’s stature, though, I don’t doubt there’s scalped tickets available online…

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