February 6th, 2018

Here’s where you’ll find episodes of Slotkin And Fisher At The Theatre, hosted by Tom McGee, Toronto’s (usually) bi-weekly theatre criticism discourse podcast. (You can also find us on iTunes, if that’s what you prefer.)

Episode 1 (Tuesday January 9, 2018): In our first episode, theatre critics Lynn Slotkin and Steve Fisher discuss the 2018 Next Stage Theatre Festival shows The Harold Experience, Good Morning Viet Mom, Birthday Balloon, Moonlight After Midnight, and The Surprise.

Episode 2 (Wednesday January 10, 2018): Lynn and Steven continue their coverage of the Next Stage Theatre Festival with Leila Live, Rumspringa Break, That ‘F’ Word, Swordplay, and Jonno.

Episode 3 (Tuesday January 23, 2018): Lynn and Steve discuss an unconventional Hamlet (Tarragon), a female Lear (Groundlings), Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance (Soulpepper), and new play Calpurnia (Nightwood/Sulong).

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